Vol. 4 May 2006
Velocity's Quarterly Newsletter

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Lycoming Mandatory Service Bulletin

Lycoming has issued a Service Bulletin No. 566 that will soon be an AD note. The Service Bulletin requires an inspection of your 200 horse engine to determine if your crankshaft needs replacement. The SB covers only counterbalanced crankshafts and can be identified by the last four digits of your model number. For instance the IO360 C1E6 engine. The (6) toward the end of the model number indicates this is a counterbalanced engine and almost all engines with the (6) in the model number will be affected, as an example, LIO360 A1G6D. If you have the IO360 C1C engine, you will not be affected. The SB is only for those engines that were purchased new or had the crankshaft replaced with a factory new crankshaft after March 1st 1999. Check with Lycoming or your local mechanic if your not sure about your engine. In the event your engine is on the list, the procedure is to remove the engine and send it back to Lycoming for crank replacement. Crank is free and a certain amount of labor and freight is covered.