Vol. 4 May 2006
Velocity's Quarterly Newsletter

Mechanic's Corner

Dr. Lynn H. Elsner  1941 - 2006

Duane Swing

A very good friend and Velocity builder Dr. Lynn Elsner has passed away following a bout with cancer. Lynn and his wife Sue spent several months with us in Sebastian building his award winning Standard RG. Lynn loved to build and fly. He put over 200 hours on his Velocity the first year. He also had a passion for remote control models and owned over 25 including a couple pure jets along with an 8’ wingspan Velocity powered by a German electric motor.

Those who knew him remember his infatuating smile and lust for life. His death and departure from this earth was his reward in heaven. Lynn would freely tell you that the Bible tells us - “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.” Is that not a comforting promise?