Vol. 4 May 2006
Velocity's Quarterly Newsletter

Mechanic's Corner

Velocity is proud to be supporting the upcoming Builders' Symposium in Dennison, Texas. The event will run from May19th through the 21st of the month. Phil Hooper and Milt Mersky have been working extremely hard to put together a first class event for Velocity builders. Attendees are currently registered for the event from all over the world.

Speakers will include Velocity Factory Representatives Scott Baker, Scott Swing, and Duane Swing. Our head pilot, Sam Andersen, will be conducting ground school throughout the event.

Other scheduled speakers include:

  • John Bakos from Cleveland Brakes
  • Bob Mackey from Falcon Insurance
  • Bill Peterson from Superior Air Parts
  • JP Brooks from Delta Hawk Diesel Engines

Topics to Include:

  • RG systems, hydraulic systems
  • Aircraft rigging
  • Conducting a weight and balance
  • Engine installations
  • Flight testing
  • BRS systems for the Velocity
  • Auto engine conversions
  • Factory Q&A
  • Open discussions

The Symposium promises to be a premiere event.

To find out more about the event, visit the website at: