Retract Gear Parts

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All prices are subject to change without notice. Please call the factory first to determine current prices.

Hydraulic Parts
Nose Gear Cylinder

Nose Gear Door Cylinder

Main Gear Cylinder


XL-  $300.00

Sequence Valve

Dump Valve

Nose Gear Cylinder rebuild kit

Nose Gear Door Cylinder rebuild kit

Main Gear Cylinder rebuild kit


Sequence Valve rebuild kit

Hydraulic flex hose

For use in Velocity RG system $2.17/ft
Hydraulic flex hose fittings

For use in Velocity RG system $3.45/ea
Pressure Switches Hi/Low

"Pressure" Squat Switch

Prevents gear retraction until you reach a certain speed $43.00
Main Gear Cable Assemblies

w/rodends $23.80
w/o rodends $11.85
AN111 Cable bushing & insert

Main Gear Doors

premolded part $35.00
Main Gear bushing and bolt assembly


Nose Gear bushing and bolt assembly


Shimmy Dampener Set

2flat washer, 4 bellville washers, 1 phenolic washer and 1 nut $42.00
Nose Wheel fork Assembly

W/ axles ,bushings , spacers & set screw $318.00


Nose Gear Gas spring 90lb $25.00
Nose wheel axle and spacers   $35.00