Vol. 5 November 2007
Velocity's Quarterly Whenever-We-Get-Around-To-It Newsletter
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Al Gietzen

Brett Ferrell

Fred Anderka

Hiroo Umeno

Richard Gwinn

Bob Trent

Craig Woolston



Al Gietzen

Velocity N755V 

The airframe, basically what comes in the kit, is quite standard with a few notable (visible) exceptions. These include an extension of the strake to give the same elbow room in the door of the Elite as there was in the earlier ‘top door’ (what I call the LEX - leading edge extension); and the more streamlined custom cowl that is allowed by the 3-rotor rotary engine.  My search for improvement in engine performance and reliability lead me to the custom rotary engine installation that develops 265 hp at a weight that is considerably less than a comparably powered Lycoming.  The electrical system is designed for failure tolerance, and is redundant from dual batteries to redundant electronic ignition and fuel injection (dual plugs and injectors for each rotor).  The panel includes dual screen GRT EFIS with built-in GPS, TruTrak autopilot, digital engine monitor, and SL-30; and meets requirements for IFR flight.  N755V currently has completed about 60 hours in the air.

-Al Gietzen

Editor's Note: Some of the technical information that Al has made available on his web-site is truly amazing. If you're interested in dialing-in the ignition timing and fuel metering on a rotary engine, this is the place to go. As well, his insights on painting a Velocity are extremely valuable. Go to his website here. -KB