Vol. 5 November 2007
Velocity's Quarterly Whenever-We-Get-Around-To-It Newsletter
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The Velocity BLT Special
Scott Baker

Project Hot Rod
Duane Swing & Scott Swing

New Toe-Brake Pedals
Ken Baker

New Rear Seat Guides
Ken Baker

The Mishler Nose-Wheel Lock System
Ken Mishler





Make That a BLT Special...
Scott Baker

Brooke Wolf and his wife, Ginger, were on a mission during Sun ‘n Fun to find a high performance general aviation aircraft that could comfortably fit the two of them in a side-by-side seating configuration – and carry a generous amount of luggage – plus give them the speed performance and range for long distance cross country travel.  With one of the largest cabins in its class, it is no surprise that Brooke and Ginger focused their attention on the Velocity XL. 

Standing 6’2”, Brooke Wolf may not conjure up the image of an NBA player – however his long torso does indeed test the head space limitations of many aircraft, including the Velocity XL.  When asked if the Velocity XL cabin could be made 2” taller, I told Brooke that the factory was willing to give it a go.  Thus was born an oversized Velocity XL-5 RG nicknamed by the Velocity Service Center as the “BLT” (Big-Large-Tall) Special.

More often than not, the factory shies away from making custom airframe modifications – mostly because of our fear of the “Domino Effect”. What appears to be a small change often affects other areas of the aircraft’s design, which in turn affects other areas – causing Dominos to tumble in every direction.

After careful study and consultation with Brooke, the factory team assembled a custom fuselage, adding 2” to the interior height.  The BLT features custom (elongated) Carbon Fiber beams surrounding the door openings; the doors themselves are made 2” taller; and a custom front seat slide mechanism featuring linear (versus sloped) directional travel was created.

Wolf plans on installing a (large) Continental TSIO-550 engine, which makes the extra space in the engine compartment a welcome offshoot of raising the height of the fuselage.

Velocity has no immediate plans to offer a taller cabin as a standard option or feature.

-Scott Baker