Vol. 5 November 2007
Velocity's Quarterly Whenever-We-Get-Around-To-It Newsletter
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Fred Anderka

I started construction of a Velocity XL RG at the service center of Velocity Aircraft in Sebastian, Florida in July 2002. Although I am based in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada, (CNP3 airport), I commuted to Florida often in my C-182 and construction occurred in intensive 2 week stints every month or two. Construction progressed at a good pace until Hurricane Jean in 2004 destroyed the service center and parts of my wing resulting in the loss of about a year of construction.

First flight occurred January 26 2007 with no snags. Have now finished transition training and have 5 hours on C-GHOL, another 20 hrs. required before it can be taken home to Canada. The A/C will stay in primer until I can get the finish to show quality.

The engine is a Continental IO-550 turning a 3 blade MT prop. The panel has 2 ARNAV (SAGEM) panels with a UPS (now GARMIN) radio stack and a TruTrack Autopilot. 21/4" gauges provide backup. The aircraft is all electric (no vacuum) with backup battery and alternator.

Performance is absolutely outstanding and stable with no bad habits. The only difficult part for a Cessna pilot is landing a canard aircraft, DO NOT FLARE.

My thanks to Scott Swing and all the great guys at Velocity Aircraft who provided invaluable advice and help over the years.

Fred W. Anderka
EAA 734954