Vol. 5 November 2007
Velocity's Quarterly Whenever-We-Get-Around-To-It Newsletter
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Al Gietzen

Brett Ferrell

Fred Anderka

Hiroo Umeno

Richard Gwinn

Bob Trent

Craig Woolston



Earlier this year one of the few remaining flying Starships stopped by the factory.

Stopped in Arkansas on the way to the EAA Frontrange Air Show. At every FBO we stopped at on this trip, there was a DC-10 parked out front

At Long Beach, just prior to last month's Kitplanes photo-shoot. The FBO attendents placed a protective shield of cones around Turbo-Charlie.

Out the window in front of the Sebastian Inlet

The Rocket Racing Trainer comes back to the fold

A Motorcade of Generosity

The Bowden Specialty Antenna

Beware the lethal bite of the Velocity BLT!

I don't get it. Where are the threads.

Ueli Christen's Award Winner, above Florida