Vol. 5 November 2007
Velocity's Quarterly Whenever-We-Get-Around-To-It Newsletter
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Velocity University
Scott Baker

Velocity University
Duane Swing

Another Interesting Comparison
Duane Swing & Ken Baker

Twin Dreams
Duane Swing

Flight Training
John Abraham

Are You Clear on the 51% Rule?
Duane Swing

Service Center Updates
Duane Swing


Velocity University
Duane Swing

VELOCITY UNIVERSITY Starts October 25th (Thursday) and ends on the 28th (Sunday)



We get airplanes in here on a weekly basis that have minor to serious problems with how they are built. A misunderstanding of the plans. Incorrect method of attaching A to B. Misuse of critical parts. Poor workmanship. Improper use of component parts. The list goes on and on. You NEED to get a better understanding of the PROPER way to build a Velocity. One-way is to sign up for the Velocity University Workshop. We will cover many things that will make for a better airplane.

You say you're already finished with your airplane and don’t need to know anything else. YOU'RE WRONG!!! Probably 75% of the planes we check at the Service Center need serious work before they would be considered “airworthy.” We can help you make your airplane better by attending the Velocity University Workshop.


You say you have been flying your airplane now for a hundred hours and don’t need Velocity, or anyone else, to tell you how to fly. ARE YOU SURE???  There is a big difference between having 100 hours of experience and 1 hour experience 100 times. Learn the secrets of how to fly your Velocity BETTER by attending the Velocity University Workshop. Sign up for a flight review by our head CFI, John Abraham.

And last but not least, get to know some of the family of Velocity owners and builders. One of the greatest benefits of this whole program will be to meet some of you who love to fly and love your airplane. Become a part of the Velocity University Workshop. You won’t be disappointed.

Call us today at 772-589-1860 and let us put your name on the list.
(Your wife will be happy she is included as we have plans for her also)