December 4-5

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Velocity Defines The Modern Homebuilt Aircraft

Easy Build Kits
Seating for Five
Luxury Interior

The Velocity Twin - The Ultimate Cross Country Machine


“Fiberglass and other aircraft composites are materials with which even the average guy with no experience can work.” 

—  Ron Grable, Plane & Pilot


The Aircraft...

The Velocity is a true high performance airplane with the ability to make 1000 mile cross country trips at speeds in excess of 200 MPH while carrying four adults and baggage in total comfort and ramp presence styling.


With the rear mounted engine, the noise, propeller turbulence, engine heat and fumes are behind you, providing an atmosphere comparable to a modern sports sedan.

Extremely crisp controls and excellent aerodynamic stability allows the Velocity to fly as if it was mounted on rails, allowing you to travel long distances with minimal pilot load and still dogfight with the best of the two seat sport planes. 


The Service Center...

The Velocity Service Center is located across from the factory in Sebastian Florida and is staffed with experienced, knowledgeable, and certified professionals, with specialized expertise in Velocity Aircraft.

We provide construction, completion, upgrade, and condition inspection services for both new and second owner aircraft.

The Company...

Velocity was formed in 1984 and continues to value its customers as its greatest asset. Builder support is top-notch and great care is taken to insure that the kits are as high quality and complete as possible.

Enhancements are constantly in the works, improving the designs and making the building experience even better.

No Stall, No Spin,

Even in the Twin!


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