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Velocity Service Center

Head Start Program

What better way is there to accelerate the early construction phase of a Velocity kit building project than by working in a fully equipped hangar, with access to professional assistance when needed? The Velocity Service Center Head Start Program is designed to provide first time Velocity kit builders the opportunity to work on-site with their airplane project prior to kit shipment to their own home base. The long-term advantages of participating in the Head Start program are amazing. Not only does it allow the

builder to focus on the project without many of the usual distractions, it also allows him or her to get organized, to learn from experienced building assistants, and to develop good working habits from the start.

Each builder is provided a work area in the Velocity Service Center hanger, which includes use of tools, jigs, and overhead. Participants can spend any length of time in the program. Builders work with their own kit components (foam, epoxy, cloth, fillers, brushes, etc.) and are responsible for the organization and cleaning of their work area. Special tools, shop equipment, rags, sandpaper, clean-up materials, gloves, drinking water, and coffee are provided at no extra cost. Builders are given unrestricted access to their building area 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Builders are required to keep their work areas clean, organized, and free of safety hazards. Special note: builders are encouraged to insure their project while on site, as Velocity's insurance does not offer coverage against theft, fire, wind, or other forms of loss. Builders pay a monthly rate to keep their aircraft in the Velocity Service Center.

Velocity technicians are available during Service Center operating hours for any assistance required by builders in the Head Start Program. This service is billed at the published hourly shop rate. For those just starting their project, the work day often begins with a lesson on the next step to be completed. Builders continue on their own, seeking technical help as needed. Often the Service Center has Velocity in various stages of construction, and builders find it a great advantage to look at finished steps before beginning the same ones on their own kit.

Call 772-589-1860 for Pricing

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