No other kit aircraft offers the quality, performance, comfort and superior design of the standard Velocity. This plane's aerodynamic stability is one of its strongest assets. Featuring easy-entry dual gull-wing doors, this model accommodates 160 to 215 HP powerplants, providing a cruise of from 160 to 187 knots, depending on horsepower, propeller pitch and landing gear selected. As with the XL model, this kit is available with fixed or retract gear.

The Velocity SE is the perfect economical travel machine as long as you fit, this is the aircraft we do all of our transition training in. With lower landing speeds than the XL and V-Twin this could be the perfect aircraft to get you into the canard space while still being able to cruise at 160+kts with a sub 8 gallon per hour burn. The fixed gear will allow you to build time in a canard without having to worry about your insurance payment.

Bottom line: For under $90,000 using your tablet for navigation and engine information, with a new 160 HP Titan engine with a fixed pitched propeller and VFR equipment, cruise at 160 knots TAS for over 800 nautical miles.

SE Specifications

-All Specifications are derived from a 200hp engine

*Expect a 5-7% knot decrease in cruise speed with fixed gear variant

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