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Velocity Service Center

When you buy a kit from Velocity Inc, you become part of the Velocity family. Velocity Inc. is owned and operated by the Swing family. You receive personalized attention, with an honest sincerity not found in many businesses today from the start of your relationship with everyone at Velocity. Velocity is a small company, employing about 20 full-time employees, ranging from mold makers to machinists... creating the refined Velocity kit of today. Velocity values its customers as its greatest asset. Builder support is top-notch and great care is

taken to insure that the kits are as high quality and complete as possible. Enhancements are constantly in the works, improving the designs and making the building experience even better.

An on-site builder assistance program for those building Velocity aircraft.

Transitional training in Velocity aircraft, to allow builders and owners to prepare for the high performance/ complex flying of their aircraft.

Service shop devoted exclusively to Velocity Aircraft. Inquire about special rates "bed and breakfast" accommodations for builders in the Head Start Program. Velocity Service Center hours of operation are 8:00am to 5:00pm EST Monday-Friday. Builders in the Head Start Program are allowed 24/7 access to their project.


Chad Holland


Brad Price


Scott Swing



Tyrone Collins


Bryan McCartney


Randy Garten

Meet The Team
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