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XL Pricing



Kit Price


Fastbuild Wings/Canard


Fastbuild Fuselage


Retractable Landing Gear


Pre-Wired RG Pump and Control System with Harness


Dual Side Stick Flight Controls


Cleveland Heavy Duty Main Wheels and Brakes


Dash-5 Equipment*


Pre-Wired Airframe Electrical Harness; CB Panel; Overhead Switches


Luxury Edition Center Console & Instrument Panel


Engine Install Package


Electric Heaters


Aluminum Booties


Pneumatic Door Seals


Hydraulic Shimmy Damper (kit)


Hydraulic Shimmy Damper (Installed)


*The Dash-5 Equipment includes Cleveland Heavy Duty Main Wheels; Rear drop-down center keel; Carbon Fiber torsion wrapping of main landing gear strut(s); Rear bench seat with baggage platform in lieu of (2) bucket seats. Requires a 300hp+ engine.

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